Scientific Instruments and Equipment

Problems occur with high quality, complex, Scientific Instruments and Equipment, instrumentation and control caused by:

  • Limited PC processing power.
  • Synchronized complex measurements, connections and controls.
  • Running several (from a few hundred or more) analog to digital and digital to analog converters with real time synchronization.
  • Real time synchronization of measurements and controls, occurring at exactly the same time, with a time resolution in microseconds or nanoseconds.
  • The running of many simultaneous scientific equipment and instruments

These problems often occur in scientific instruments and equipment. There are some solutions available but they are extremely expensive and have very limited capability.

The new concept that we are offering is a version of our CPCC unit – the SCU (Synchronized Custom Unit for PC). This concept gives you a robust and flexible solution, to the problems above, at an affordable cost.

The SCU unit communicates with the PC using serial USB2.0 links at 480Mbits. Each SCU is built containing customizable software and hardware. The software and hardware will be modified to meet your scientific requirements for equipment and instruments.

The following are examples of our creative solutions.

  • One SCU unit can be connected to an unlimited number of PCs from 1 to 1000 PC (if required) at the same synchronized time. This will allocate more than enough PC processing power for your scientific application.
  • One PC can run up to 256 SCUs – depending on the processing power of the PC available. This system is limited by PC processing power therefore the data transfer rate is slow but each unit is still able to handle up to 1000 relays or slow ADCs or slow DACs etc.
  • For the best results with your scientific system use the both solutions mentioned above. We are able to run one or more SCUs simultaneously per one or more PCs and you will obtain excellent processing of your application data. Alternatively it is possible to run simultaneously, a hundred PCs and several hundred SCUs.

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