About Us

FlexiPCLink employs a variety of highly motivated and talented hardware and software engineers committed to excellence, innovation and creativity. Our new concept management structure and ethos encourages our team to research, test and develop new ranges of Customized PC Connection Units giving a robust and flexible solution.

We deliver the latest technology and solutions to you in a simple and creative way at an affordable price.

We permanently monitor all semiconductor manufacturers (both their products and solutions), exhaustively analyzing them thus ensuring that only the most appropriate parts (in terms of specification, speed, resolution, functionality and affordability) are integrated into the CPCC.

Ideas are continuously being developed as a direct result of the open communication that we employ as a progressive, modern and innovative company. This produces software and hardware that is of the highest standard and impressive speed. We are using any software technology including the latest Microsoft NET technology. For more information please look What We Do.

An average business can not afford R&D in order to maintain their competitiveness in the global market. The CPCC is easily adaptable to any requirement without them carrying out their own R&D. We can allocate a large number of consultants at a competitive and affordable price. We can provide consultants with multidisciplinary knowledge and experience specific to your project needs, specialists in many fields: biotechnology, medicine, biogenetic, physics, mathematics, optics. Our almost unlimited capability allows us to take on and respond to any new challenges.