Advantages of Our Technology

Advantages of Our Technology are:

We are applying the latest software and electronic technology.

Tailored and customizable software and hardware solutions.

Affordable costs, Cost reduction up to 75%.

Saving you time and speeding up your projects and applications by using our ready prepared software and electronic technology.

Great flexibility, creating a way to avoid hardware and software limitations.

Enhancing your application and giving you more features at the same time.

USB2.0 interface to PC at 480 Mega Bits. It is the most common advance interface to PC.

Ready made hardware and software modules.

We can interface to anything as we make additional tailored hardware and software for your application and requirements.

Multiplying PC processing power by the simultaneous connection of an unlimited number of PCs to your application.

Run simultaneously one or up to several hundred CPCC units at the same time with your application.

One PC can run up to 128 CPCC units simultaneously dependent on the application speed.

Extremely advanced monitoring and control of your application, with a PC by using our CPCC unit.

Easily interfacing and applying Excel, Access, My Sql, Microsoft Sql, Databases, NET interfacing, various APIs.

Hot plug-in, while PC is working. No need to restart your PC, the CPCC runs immediately.

USB PC cable length up to 5 meters (length can be multiplied). Ease of access to plugging-in connectors.

CPCC Unit is located outside the PC. Therefore the physical size is unlimited and it can be a very small or a very large unit, dependent upon the number and type of connectors used with your application.

Various analog to digital converters / digital to analog converters, with resolutions from 8 to 24 bits, at high speeds, and a variety of sensitivity and scales.

On disconnection the CPCC can work independently from the PC, by adding hardware containing DSPs or micro-controllers. CPCC is a customized unit into which you can plug any sensor or device. We will design electronics especially for your application. You will have access therefore, to different measuring sensors and/or process control, vibration measurements, pressure, temperature, distance measurements, turbine and engine monitoring, scientific applications, light measurement, Chemistry Lab Equipment and Instruments and many, many more.

Customized Software Module will be upgrade for your particular PC application. It can be anything from a Graphic User Interface, to data base, Active X, NET, with Excel and Access interfaces or applications such as; instrumentation, control applications, monitoring device, PLC, Counters, Timers, Data Loggers, Logic Analysers, Oscilloscopes, Plotters, Relays Switches and many other diverse applications.

We are using many different software methods and resources to develop your custom software: Custom drivers, DLL creation, Multi Thread, Multi-Process Applications, MFC, NET, Real Time processing, Real Time control system, data acquisition, data analyzes, high speed data collection and sorting, various communication protocols, database creation interfacing and organization, etc.

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