CPCC Applications

We deliver the latest technology and solutions to you in a simple and creative way at an affordable price saving your time, money and resources.

The CPCC Unit can be used in: data acquisition, telecommunication applications, varied measurement applications, custom equipment, instrumentation, LASER systems, robotics, medical, scientific, automation applications, etc… CPCC can be easily used in next applications: custom electronic, electronic measurement, medical analysis, food processing and analysis, biotech, biotechnology, Custom Genetic Instruments Equipment , Chemistry Lab Equipment and Instruments , chemical process control and measurement, Custom Spectroscopy, laser control, gas analysis, CO2 analysis, motor control, PLC and PID Industrial Automation Controllers, control system, machine manufacture, kiln manufacture, vehicle manufacture, pc based oscilloscope, acquisition tool, Data logger assembly line monitoring.

It also can be used for various measurements: vibration measurement, pressure, temperature, distance measurement, turbine and engine monitoring, scientific applications, various sensors, light measurement and many other varied and precise test and measurement and monitoring applications. The CPCC Unit can be used to monitor an automated production line that requires different measuring sensors and/or process control.

CPCC unit is a new concept that we are offering and can be applied to various applications – ordinary, unusual, complex, high tech etc… Giving a robust and flexible solution, at an affordable cost.

CPCC is able to run various sensors, some of them are: vibration , distance measurements, humidity sensors, temperature sensor, position sensor, capacitive level, photoelectric, level sensors, inductive sensor, displacement sensors, fiber optic sensor, liquid flow sensors, accelerometers, air flow sensors, encoder sensors, optical sensors.

An average business can not afford R&D in order to maintain their competitiveness in the global market. The CPCC is easily adaptable to any requirement without them carrying out their R&D.

We can allocate a large number of consultants at a competitive and affordable price. We can provide consultants with multidisciplinary knowledge and experience specific to your project needs, specialists in many fields: biotechnology, medicine, biogenetic, physics, mathematics, optics … Our almost unlimited capability allows us to take on and respond to any new challenges.

Many creature and benefits which you will find using CPCC units. As there are plenty of them we are not trying to represent them hear and make to complex text. Some of them are shown at pages: