Latest Technology

We deliver the latest technology and solutions to you in a simple and creative way at an affordable price s aving your time, money and resources .

There are so many features and benefits of using CPCC units, too many to mention them all at this stage. Therefore we are not trying to represent them all immediately here. However, they are shown on the pages:

The CPCC Unit – Custom PC Connection Unit is an affordable package and a cost effective new concept using the latest technology containing:

  • Customized hardware and software for USB2.0 connection to PC.
  • Universally adaptable software and hardware.
  • Additional custom hardware and custom software that can meet your exact application demand.

Our policy is to supply an extremely competitive product in the global market, in a time saving and cost effective way for your requirements. By using this new concept in a global market and working with us you will find advance way to improve your applications and become competitive and cost effective by utilizing the latest technology. CPCC unit will give you not only enormous savings, it will give you a fast way to enter your application in the world market with the latest technology which is customized for you application.