Custom PC Analog Digital Boards Card

The new concept, CPCC unit represents an advanced, affordable custom solution for PC analog digital Board or Card.
The CPCC custom software and custom hardware with various types of DA – digital to analog converters AD – analog to digital converters, will enable various features, such as:

  • Unlimited number of channels, analog, digital, high resolution, high speed, various scale
  • USB 2.0 PC serial link (480 Megabits)
  • Unlimited number of IO ports/ various power drivers/ analog to digital converters/ digital to analog converters
  • Latest technology
  • Adaptability to meet your exact requirements
  • Simultaneous processing, flexibility
  • Many others features – seeĀ What We Do
  • Affordable custom solution, saving your money.

CPCC contains custom hardware and software built for your requirements. With many benefits, it will enhance your application and save time, resources and money. For more benefits for custom PC analog digital board and card please refer to: What We Do, then the rest of the pages