Custom PC Interface

Custom PC Connection Unit – CPCC is customizable interface between your DEVICE and PC with a custom software and hardware for your device.

Our CPCC unit is highly adaptable. It gives you a cost effective solution at an affordable price. The CPCC unit is ideal custom tailored PC interface design solutions. Our unit is self-contained with state of the art software and hardware allowing you quick and easy interface between a PC and your application/device.

With our CPCC you will be able to fully control and operate your application via PC. This is facilitated by our customized interface hardware and software positioned around USB 2.0 PC interface. In addition, you receive additional custom software and custom electronics interface design made especially for your application. A variety of additional features are derived from our various software and electronics modules. Please go to What We Do for more information.

Our CPCC unit will enable you to improve significantly the quality of your applications and PC interface saving you up to 75% of money compared to what you would have to pay for ordinary tailored solutions.