Lab Software and Electronics, Custom Laboratory Instrumentation and Equipment

We are a laboratory instruments manufacturer using the new concept – CPCC unit.

CPCC unit can be easily connected at 480 Megabits to a PC via USB 2.0, using a wide range of standard and non-standard peripheral products. The CPCC unit will provide simple, cost effective, affordable solution and a flexible multi-purpose platform for lab software and hardware, laboratory instrumentation and equipment.

One part of the unit is tailored software and electronics that we make just for the client’s laboratory application.

The other part consists of ready made, pre-tested software and electronics/hardware modules. We have a software and hardware tool kit that contains several modules, which are easily customized to a client’s application. This minimizes the amount of tailored software and hardware that is needed to satisfy a laboratory instruments and equipment requirements.
This huge reduction in tailored software and electronics gives a client enormous savings.

The unit includes custom electronics developed for your laboratory research requirements allowing the use of various analog to digital converters, power driver channels, digital to analog converters, IO buses, memories, FIFO, Buffers, DSPs, micro-controllers, amplifiers, analog precision electronics and other electronics that can meet a wide variety of requirements, custom equipments and different tasks.

CPCC unit comes with customized and custom software for Excel, Access, My SQL, SQL. Part of that software consists of plug ins for Excel, Access and Client/Server Database applications for My SQL, SQL. Because we are aware that many applications need direct communications and usage of Excel, Access, My SQL, SQL, we have developed a flexible and powerful platform with custom software.

There are various benefits of using our CPCU unit and solutions in custom: Software, Electronics, Instrumentation and Equipment for research applications. To see these benefits please refer to our pages: