DA Digital to Analog Output Power Driver

By using the latest technology the CPCC unit with custom software and custom electronics, represents an advanced solution in DA digital to analog output power driver applications. CPCC unit with customizable USB 2.0 PC 480 Megabits interface PC link and our policy of providing an affordable custom solution, saves you time, your resources, your money and will boost your power driver applications.

Some of the CPCC benefits for DA digital to analog output power driver are:

  • CPCC is not limited by the number of channels or number of AD analog to digital converters that can be connected
  • CPCC power output can deliver any power within any scale. The output voltage and current levels are customized for your needs
  • CPCC unit will satisfy all your requirements
  • CPCC unit will deliver any AD analog to digital converter with any resolution and speed – we are not limited by the resolution and speed of analog to digital converters
  • Affordable custom solutions
  • Various customizable software modules, including direct usage of Excel, Access, SQL, My SQL Database
  • Custom software
  • Custom hardware/electronics
  • Incorporating latest technology

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