In all our examples, the CPCC unit is controlled via PC by USB2.0 480 megabits interface.

The impedance meter based on a CPCC Unit.

The unit is capable of measuring impedance accurately by measuring the resistance, capacitance and inductance, scanning on various frequencies with different bias (polarization). Furthermore it will measure other parameters e.g. Q factor, D factor, ESR etc. All results are displayed and saved in an Access data base or in Excel spreadsheets or in an ordinary text file. Alternatively the measurement results can be displayed as curved graph of intensity against frequency or other parameters. The impedance meter can be used in various test and measurement applications, data acquisition, instrumentation.

The Data Logger based on CPCC Unit.

We had a customer who was looking to use a logger with various channels with different resolutions and speeds. It was better for them to use our CPCC Unit where each analog to digital channel has a specific speed from 0.1 Meg samples to 10 Meg samples and a resolution of: 12, 14, 16, 18, 24 bits. This is a better configuration rather than running simultaneously 5 different data loggers with the inherent difficulties. Please see below the next screen shot illustration of the unit software.

CPCC Unit for EEPROM Programming.

This is one of the projects we have developed for a client. The software for our unit has a Wizard, into which the user wrote different data structures into different sizes of EEPROM. Data can be read and partially modified or erased and rewritten. The unit can be moved between PC’s maintaining the data without power. Please refer to the next screen shot illustration of the unit software.

Power Driver Unit based on CPCC Unit.

Currently many companies are producing these drivers but it is unusual to get units with 1024 power MOSFETs and run them at the same time. The unit is located outside the PC and therefore the physical size is not constrained. It is very easy to accommodate a large number of power drivers end external connectors. For each driver one external connector was required.

Fuel Cell diagnostic and control unit based on the CPCC Unit.

We have just started to develop a unit for measuring and the control of an oxygen and hydrogen Fuel Cell. The customer wanted to verify the membrane quality in the cell and it was necessary to make precision measurements of the membrane conductivity and changing pressure of the fluid in circulation. Our unit will enable accurate monitoring of these processes.

All our examples are based on USB2.0 PC communication.

CPCC unit is new concept that we are offering. It can be used in many different applications – ordinary, unusual, complex or hi tech which a gives a robust and flexible solution, at an affordable cost.
Great use can be made of the units flexibility with particular regard to the unlimited number of channels I/O – input output, ADC – analog to digital converter, DAC – digital to analog converters this very good for data acquisition. As the unit has unlimited physical size and a unlimited number of ports which is excellent for custom applications which demand a high number of channels.
Many manufactures of data loggers have problems with the physical size of the unit as it is always located in a rack. Because our CPCC unit is free standing and not in a PC therefore there are no limitations on its physical size. This allows an unrestricted number of port connectors to be fitted.
CPCC is available to run various types of sensors such as: temperature sensor, vibration, distance sensor, optical sensors, humidity sensor, position sensor, photoelectric, level sensors, inductive, capacitive level sensor, fiber optic sensor, liquid flow sensors, air flow sensors, accelerometers, encoder sensors, displacement sensors, etc…

The CPCC Unit can be utilized in: custom equipment, telecommunication applications, OEM product, various measurement applications, data acquisition, instrumentation, LASER systems, robotics, medical, scientific and automation applications. More applications are: electronic measurement, medical analysis, custom electronics, food processing and analysis, biotech applications, Chemistry Lab Equipment and Instruments , chemical process control and measurement, Custom Spectroscopy, laser control, gas analysis, CO2 analysis, motor control, PLC and PID Industrial Automation Controllers, Scientific Instruments and Equipment, instrument control, machine manufacture, kiln/oven manufacture, vehicle manufacture, assembly line monitoring. The CPCC Unit can be used to monitor an automated production line that requires different measuring sensors and/or process control. It also can be used for vibration measurement, pressure, temperature, distance measurement, turbine and engine monitoring, light measurement and many other varied and precise monitoring applications.

Custom PC Interface