Lab Equipment and Instruments

Our lab equipment and instruments use the CPCC platform which provides a way for companies to start lab research and reduce costs for custom made lab equipment and instruments. Our software and electronic CPCC concept gives fully customizable, flexible and adaptable functionalities. CPCC will enhance a client’s application and at the same time drastically reduce lab equipment and instruments costs.

Our custom CPCC software and hardware solution will easily satisfy your exact lab needs and boost your research at the same time. Our custom lab instruments and equipment will provide full support for a variety of research requirements in: biotech, chemistry, biology, genetic engineering, medicine, physics, optics, etc.

We are aware that many lab equipment and instruments need direct communications and usage of Excel, Access, My SQL, SQL. Therefore the CPCC software consists of modules, plug-ins and real time feed for Excel, Access and Client/Server Database applications for My SQL, SQL.

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