Synchronized Simultaneous Measurement

The new affordable concept that we are offering by using CPCC unit will give you enhanced solutions in synchronized simultaneous measurement. We can synchronize simultaneously each channel in CPCC as each unit consists of custom software and hardware, or we can synchronize simultaneously unlimited numbers of CPCC units. Therefore you are not limited in the numbers of synchronized measurement channels or by the number of peripheral devices attached to one PC. You are only limited by the PC processing power. For an advanced solution on how to increase PC processing power please see  Multiplying PC Processing Power  whereby you can multiply PC processing power. By attaching simultaneous synchronized CPCC units onto multiple PC’s you will get simultaneously synchronized PC’s as you are running PC’s in parallel for your application.

CPCC gives a robust and flexible solution with USB 2.0 PC link, at an affordable cost (our policy), saving time, providing a new concept for various types of synchronized simultaneous measurement. We are not limited in the number of various: digital to analog converters, analog to digital converters, number of channels, resolution and the speed.

The CPCC contains ready made software and hardware for synchronized PC applications, with additional custom software and hardware to satisfy your complex application requirements. In the first instance please refer to What We Do, then for more information read  Flexibility Features,  Data Acquisition.

To see some of the various benefits for your synchronized simultaneous measurement, please refer to pages: