USB 2.0 communication

USB 2.0 is the most advanced flexible PC connection today. With high speed & easy plug in to a PC giving you the right response for your needs

Benefits of USB2.0

  • Serial PC link with a 480 Megabits speed. Hot plug-in, while PC is working.
  • No need to restart your PC, the CPCC runs immediately it is connected.
  • You can connect and disconnect whilst PC is running.
  • Unit is connected to PC by cable and is located outside the PC.
  • You are not limited by physical size or quantity of ports.
  • Easy relocation and accessible ports.
  • Up to 128 units can be run at the same time.
  • It is an advanced interface for PC peripherals.

With the USB benefits and custom software and hardware, CPCC based, the CPCC unit will provide a simple and cost effective solution. Therefore the CPCC is a flexible multi-purpose platform, based on analog and digital electronics with various analog to digital, digital to analog, power driver channels and other electronics circuits that can meet a wide variety of requirements, custom equipments and different tasks. With additional custom software and USB 2.0 PC link, no hardware or software problems are too great! Please refer to What We Do.

The CPCC unit containing USB2.0 connections does not limit you to the processing power of one PC. We can simultaneously synchronize many PCs thereby multiplying PC processing resources for use with your application. Please refer to page Multiplying PC Processing Power.