Various Sensors

CPCC unit is a perfect concept for interfacing various sensors. CPCC with custom interface to sensors, based on custom analog and digital electronics plus additional custom software, is a powerful new concept in sensor applications.

CPCC allows easy interfacing to different measuring sensors: vibration sensor, temperature sensors, distance measurements sensor, humidity sensor, positions sensors, optical sensors, photoelectric, level sensors, inductive, fiber optic sensor, displacement sensors, liquid flow sensors, air flow sensors, capacitive level, accelerometers, encoder sensors.

  • CPCC is not restricted to the type and number of sensors. By using the CPCC we can run one or several thousand sensors simultaneously. For this application you are not limited by the power of one PC, as CPCC is able to run on several PCs simultaneously. Please refer to Multiplying PC Processing PowerScientific Instruments and Equipment
  • By CPCC custom electronics you are able to use any AD analog to digital converter, with any sensitivity and any scale
  • CPCC directly connects to PC by USB 2.0 480 Megabits interface.
  • CPCC delivers custom software for your sensors applications plus incorporated customized modules with direct use of Excel, Access, SQL, My SQL Database
  • Our policy, delivering a custom unit at an affordable cost saving your money, your time
  • Latest technology
  • CPCC unit will satisfy all your requirements and improve your sensor applications
  • Various other benefits for sensor applications.

To see more CPCC advantages and features for sensor applications please refer to page What We Do.