Visual PC Instrumentation and Instruments Panel Software

Virtument instrument panel software is part of MatDeck software. It uses IP communication like majority of data acquisitions and control process hardware. MatDeck document can directly communicate to Virtument; it can transmit and receive data. Virtument has various modules like gauges, sliders, plotter, indicators, digit meter and others. You can edit there properties and have a custom instrument panel. See pictures below.

MatDeck have numerous mathematical functions including DSP functions for digital signals processing which you can apply in process control, data acquisition and simulation. Virtument instrument panel can work independently from MatDeck, but MatDeck added to Virtument various powerful features like parallel PC processing, GUI creator, generate EXE files, curves fitting, Database, mathematical and interfacing functions.

Virtument Instruments Panel haven modules

  • Buttons – tact and push
  • Sliders – different shapes and orientation
  • Gauges – different shapes and orientation
  • Switches – rotary and toggle
  • Plotter – plotting in real time
  • Digit Meter
  • VU Meter gauges – different shapes and orientation
  • Lamps and Indicators – different shapes
  • Text boxes
  • Tank
  • Temperature Meter
  • Import images

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