By its very nature, CPCC unit represents an ideal affordable custom solution for OEM product. By selecting CPCC unit, OEM manufacturers will, in most cases, be upgrading the performance of their products due to CPCC advance features. All the features provided by the CPCC unit are cost effective, saving time and money, boosting OEM manufacturer product by using CPCC enhanced features.

OEM CPCC properties will give great benefits to OEM manufacturers as it is a flexible, robust and affordable technology solution – adaptable, ready made and advanced PC connection with custom software and custom electronics. The unit is easily customized and modified with custom built software and hardware to meet your application demands with our affordable policy.

Great OEM usage can be made of the CPCC units, its variable size and flexibility with particular regard to the unlimited number of channels I/O(input output), DAC digital to analog converters, ADC analog to digital converter, peripheral ports and busses. Using the CPCC’s PC serial USB2.0 480 Megabit link and its capability to multiply PC processing power, with additional custom: analog, digital electronics, software and hardware you will a get state of the art OEM product at an affordable cost.

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