FlexiPClink gives you an idea on how to use your personal computer PC for engineering, technology and scientific computing for your custom applications.

Today, the PC software which you use is your main tool in your technology and your requirements, how flexible and how versatile the features are of the software that’s how productive you are, therefore software for technical, engineering and scientific applications/computing must have various complex features but still be simple to use.

Your software demand therefore is for more features and universal use however it still needs to be very dedicated to your needs and your technology solution.

From all that, the software should have:

  • Universal technical software– can be used for different types of requirements, technologies and application.
  • Software has tool boxes and plugins dedicated to the user’s specific requirements.
  • Have text editing, graphical editing engines.
  • Software documents can function as documentation and simultaneously run various technological engines to resolve the user applications needs. This includes engineering and scientific engines for mathematics, physics, electronics, chemistry, mechanics, biology, genetics and other disciplines.
  • Software document can generate independent software GUI –Graphical User Interface and custom software with EXE file for the user’s dedicated application and can still be used as an ordinary document.
  • User can generate custom functions and use them as ordinary functions and simultaneously compile or make them a fast executable software plugin.
  • Your document at the same time can run and compile your programing script in it; the document becomes a programming tool, compiler and file.
  • Affordable software cost to achieve attractive sales and become one of the standards for technical, scientific and ordinary application use. This is especially important for Academic and Commercial software versions.
  • The software has an interface which allows you to attach an external hardware for your custom application.
  • To increases your PC processing power for your custom needs, you can run multiple documents connected to each other from different personal computer PC and achieve parallel processing.
  • Have an integrated database and Excel interface.
  • Simplicity, to be used by ordinary everyday PC software users, but great professional features for complex custom applications.

The listed features above is the main philosophy of the MatDeck software at LabDeck.com.